Sample of Various Vehicle Inspections» 

 The Representatives for SSR Logistics will inspect your vehicle before and after the delivery.

We strive to provide safe, and worry free vehicle shipping at a competitive price, and we do not expect damages to occur during transit and they rarely do.

But to ensure the best possible customer care and safest vehicle shipment, all of our carriers are required to inspect your vehicle immediately prior to and following transport.

In this way, we know if any damage occurred while in our possession. If it did, the vehicle inspection and the bill of lading are very important pieces of the insurance claim process.

The bill of lading is like your vehicle shipping receipt.

Before accepting your vehicle for transport, our carrier will carefully inspect the vehicle’s exterior and document all pre existing  dings, dents, scratches and / or other damage on the bill of lading.

You or your auto transport representative must be present. We encourage you to assist in the inspection process by taking photos from every angle immediately prior to departure. We also recommend that you and the carrier make note of the vehicle’s odometer reading.

You will be required to confirm the condition report by signing the bill of lading. The carrier will give you a copy for your files.

Receiving Your Vehicle Upon Arrival

At the destination point, you or your representative must be present to receive the vehicle from the carrier. Again, take time to carefully inspect the vehicle.

If you find any new scratches, dents, dings, or other damage, please note them on the bill of lading with an exact description. We recommend taking another set of photos at the destination, especially if you discover new damage.

Please note that the odometer reading may have changed slightly due to loading, unloading, storage, and parking. Make note on the bill of lading if the mileage has increased more than nominally.

After the inspection at the destination point, you or your representative will confirm the condition report by signing the bill of lading.

If damage has occurred and you need to file a claim, or if you have any questions about this process, please feel free to call our customer service team at 888-307-9631.

Car, Truck and SUV's

Below is an example of our vehicle inspections that you should expect to see when SSR would be picking up a Car, Truck or SUV.

SSR Logistics Car Shipping BOLSSR Logistics Auto Shipping BOLSSR Logistics Car Hauling BOL


Boats and Trailers

Below is an example of a Boat Bill Of Lading

Sample boat inspectionSample boat inspectionSample boat inspection


Below is an example of a RV Bill Of Lading

RV Shipping inspectionRV Shipping inspectionRV Shipping inspection

SSR open Vehicle Shipping