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Preparing Your Trailer or 5th Wheel RV for Shipment

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The guide below gives you helpful tips on how to prepare your Trailer for shipping. While this guide was written specifically with Trailers in mind, the principles here apply to other tow able vehicles, such as a 5th Wheel RV’s. Happy shipping!

Trailer Shipping- 5th Wheel trailer ready for transport
Before SSR picks up your Trailer, you should prepare your trailer for transport.
To begin with, check your trailer for Pre-existing damage:
  • Thoroughly clean your trailer.
  • Note chips, dings, scratches or other cosmetic damages.
  • Write down any mechanical issues or problems.
  • Take pictures of your trailer from several angles, along with detail shots of existing damage.
  • Date all records, and show them to the driver when they arrive.


How To Inspect Your Trailer For Roadworthy Transport

Make sure your trailer is in good working condition. If it is not in working condition, please advise your SSR shipping specialist. Fix all mechanical problems before the move and write down any special operating instructions.Keep in mind SSR will not be able to inspect the trailer fully prior to the drivers departure there fore it is important you inspect the trailer thoroughly.  

For successful trailer transportation, Make sure to:
  • Check tires for wear be sure the tread is sufficient.
  • Proper tire inflation and pressure.
  • There should not be any dry rot, cracks, bubbles or gouges in the rubber.
If the tires are dry rotted, replace them. Old tires are tired, so replace them and avoid a costly and dangerous blowout. A spare tire is also required:
  • Remove wheels and hubs.
  • Inspect hubs for wear and rough surfaces, turn drums if necessary.
  • Service or replace the wheel bearings.

Many breakdowns occur due to neglect in this area, If the bearings have not been maintained on a strict schedule or it has been more than 6 months since they were last checked, please have this professionally done. Travel builds up tremendous heat in bearings that have not been properly maintained, easily causing their failure. Bearings exposed to salt water are especially vulnerable. Remove bearings; inspect bearings and races for wear. If you replace bearings, also replace races and seals. If bearings are OK, repack and install new seals.

Trailers with surge brakes:
  • Inspect brakes and hubs for wear, replace brakes and turn hubs if necessary, also check brake fluid level.
Check springs, shackles and bushings for wear and corrosion, replace as necessary:
  • Remember, salt water will destroy trailer wheels, springs and axles if not properly rinsed after each use in saltwater.
  • Check all lights, plug must be in good condition.
  • Turn signals and brake lights must work properly, all marker lights must work properly, repair or replace as necessary.
  • Check the lighting system for proper operation and make sure wires are in good condition. If repairs need to be made, have them done well in advance of the pickup date.
  • This work should be done by a professional or someone very knowledgeable on trailers.
  • Please take the time to make your trailer TRULY ROADWORTHY. It is much more expensive if you break down on the Interstate.



If the driver feels the trailer is unfit for travel the pick up may need to be delayed or postponed until the repairs are complete.  

SSR Logistics cannot be responsible for your trailer if it is not in excellent condition. Please do not ask them to transport a trailer that is not fit for travel. They cannot afford to jeopardize their safety or equipment, or your cargo. You will be responsible for any repairs, damage or problems caused by your trailer including but not limited to Driver down time.

In Short Unnecessary breakdowns are far more costly than routine maintenance.
Preparing for Trailer Shipping