Alaska Auto Shipping Rates

SSR Logistics is you partner for Alaska Auto Shipping.

Below is a quick guide for Alaska Auto Shipping.

In addition if you require the vehicle picked up or delivered to a location in the lower 48 SSR Logistics can provide a custom quote.


Alaska Auto Shipping

Preparing your vehicle to Ship to Alaska

  • Wash it to make sure it is clean enough for suitable inspection to determine any pre-existing damage.
  • Disconnect sensitive car alarms prior to arrival at the terminal.
  • Winterize it to minus 40 degrees – Vehicles received for shipment must have radiators and batteries adequately protected from freezing.
  • Make sure it has no more than one quarter (1/4) tank of fuel.

Shipping Check list

• To begin with your vehicle is in operating condition, with a working emergency break, is licensed or qualified to be licensed for operation on public streets and highways.
• There are no cracks or chips in the windshield or any other windows.
• Fire extinguishers and/or propane tanks are removed.
• Shipping personal belongings in the vehicle – please contact customer service.

In addition to the above, for ALL shipments to and from Alaska please ensure:- You bring the Certificate of Ownership (Title) and a current Certificate of Registration. If someone other than the registered owner(s) delivers the vehicle, The port requires that a notarized letter of authorization from the registered owner(s) is provided.

A motor vehicle or mechanical equipment must be inspected for fuel leaks and identifiable faults in the electrical system that for this reason could result in a short circuit or other unintended electrical ignition.

In short A motor vehicle or mechanical equipment showing any signs of leakage or an electrical fault may not be transported.

As a result SSR Logistics and its partners reserves the right to reject receipt of cargo if the cargo does not meet the requirements for safe transportation and handling by Terminal or Vessel Operations Personnel.

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